A Big Dog Barking

Redditch Palace theatre is a tiny tiny venue.

Holds 400 or so normal punters and several thousand Borrower sized people.

The audience are really close to me and I can see every detail in their faces.

Normally I’d be freaked because the audience should be in the dark at a comedy show (as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t learn stand up doing street performance or working at the Globe theatre. I went to clubs and theatres and did all my dying there) – I’m not sure it helps anyone if you can see every pair of folded arms, or texting fingers or grumpy husband/boyfriend …the dark is good because the unity of the big laugh when it comes is almost primal – we’re all there together, (like in the Blitz) and when something touches us (in a good way) – we make this noise like a big dog barking and when we all do it together it’s magic.

Thank you for tonight Redditch –you brung the big dogs out loud, proud and strong and for that I salute you.

Steve, Kev, Alison, Linda, Big Malcom, Birthday girl, Morrison’s guy, Sainsbury’s BeeGee, Sue and Alison. You were huge.

Love ya.
Len xxx