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Bafta Comments


It has come to my attention that a few of you are pissed off at me because I said some stuff about Bafta the other night at the Sony Awards.
Don’t be pissed off at me.

BAFTA is a massive organization that awards excellence in our industry – to quote from their web site:

The Academy is proud of its expert membership of approximately 6,500 individuals in the UK and the US and of its vast collective experience across film, television and games. The Academy identifies, rewards and celebrates excellence at its internationally-renowned, annual BAFTA Awards ceremonies whilst providing many opportunities for the public – as well as industry practitioners and emerging talent – to find information and inspiration through its year-round programme of events, initiatives and activities.

The Academy is committed to sharing insights into the crafts of the people who work in film, television and games by staging over 200 public events a year across the UK and beyond. This wide-ranging programme of events gives members, the industry and the public at large many opportunities to learn first-hand from the finest practitioners in the business.

Access to this wealth of inspiring knowledge extends online, at . Through our Awards, events and online resources, we help drive standards ever higher, seek out and encourage new and emerging talent and inspire practitioners whilst celebrating the very best creative work in film, television and games today.

Bafta rocks – when I said that stuff about people of colour (i.e. the lack of them ) during the awards ceremony – I was merely commenting that even though it would seem that we’d come a long way in the business, Chewitel Ejiofor in the Stephen Poliakoff drama, Idris Elba in Luther, David Harewood in Homeland and so on – our presence in these shows hasn’t been reflected in nominations or wins at any of these ceremonies. I went on to say that this was a mere blip – and if we were to look at a ‘Ladybird’ book historical time line – the period where there were no blacks or Asians nominated or even featured in high profile programmes would be about 3 inches long – and then our children’s children’s children will see that and go ‘Dude, look at that, there were no black people in any award winning programmes for what? 3 inches? Amazing! That shit would never happen now…’

The man from the Daily Telegraph used a tape recorder, and I did say some of those things (not all of them though)…

I think Bafta is a wonderful organization and wouldn’t dream of maligning them in anyway shape or form. I hope to win a Bafta one day and maybe even eat one.

So – support Bafta as much as you can people – especially that bit during awards seasons when they send you a shit-load of the hottest, most current DVDs for you to watch and send in your comments. That part of being a member of Bafta – the free DVD’s part – that would be a terrible shame to lose.