POP LIFE and other things…

I’m really looking forward to the tour of Pop Life. I’ve spoken about it a lot recently on TV and radio and I feel that actually performing the show is a joy. Sometimes you feel – when you’re doing promotion- that you have to explain yourself; why do this show now?

I’m like – ‘Why not?’ you know? I haven’t got an allotment – I haven’t got bees. I don’t bake. I’m a comedian and one of the requirements of being a comic is that you have to go out on the road on occasion – otherwise they take away your rubber chicken.

It’s gonna be weird out on the road –I’m going to listen to Rudy’s Rare Records on radio 4 (check listings for details) –this series has been a joy to perform and I’m working with Larrington Walker ,Jeffery Kissoon and Claire Benedict and a very talented supporting cast (Alright Tash? Alright Joe-easy..) It’s been a hoot and I hope you love it.

Looking forward to working up a sweat on this tour – Doing a show where there’s dancing and singing and running and shape throwing demands a level of fitness – I’ve been going to the gym four times a week. I go straight in the canteen and order a bacon and egg sandwich …it’s a great work out.

Anyhoo- I’ll speak to you soon , when I’ve got a minute , probably from a dressing room, when I’ve between piano practise and the soundcheck …I Will have things to say –and it will be groovy…stay tuned.