Soundclash Mar26


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image002I have been chatting recently about my ‘Connections play’ with the National Theatre. It’s called SOUNDCLASH and it’s about two rival schools (a working class one and more middle class one I guess) having an old fashioned style sound system competiton. The DJ crew with the baddest raps, ideas and tunes wins, right?

Of course in the writing it all turned out to be a play about knife crime – but in my head, the play is funny and funky until it isn’t… seems to be my M.O.

Anyhoo… I’m very excited because I’ve had an e mail from Woolwich Polytechnic and they are going to perform Soundclash on Tuesday the 7th of May at 6pm, Greenwich Theatre, SE10 8ES – – Tickets £5 (£4 Concessions).

I’m so proud. See you there…

LH …