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My people, welcome!

Wherever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever race, colour, creed, gender, or sexuality, I say welcome, welcome, and once again, welcome.

You are brilliant for getting in touch and for coming to see me here.

I promise you that I will keep my blog and the information here up to date and you will know everything that I’m doing. There will be photographs, joy, clips and all manner of plugs (shameless) for everything that I’m doing.

There’s dodgy photographs off my phone. There’s contact details. There’s all kinds of things, and it’s all for you.

If you want to talk to me, this is where to come, this is where to be. Right?

So yes, once again, welcome. Be here. Be here now.

Check me out.

See you in a minute.


This is my blog, check it out. Woohoo!


Hey, I wrote a book! They call it an autobiography, but it didn’t feel like that. What it actually felt like was laughing and crying like a maniac until it was all on the page.

“A raw, touching memoir.” The Guardian

Lenny Henry - Who Am I Again book cover


Lenny Henry

Lenny to publish a series of children’s books

Lenny is delighted to announce that he will be writing a series of seven children’s books, to be published by Macmillan Children’s Books.  There will be four fiction titles and three picture books. Lenny’s debut fiction title will be published in Autumn 2021 and his first picture book, You Can Do Anything, Tyrone – the story of …

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Lenny chats to Amanda Palmer on her podcast ‘The Art of Asking Everything’

Lenny chats to singer Amanda Palmer on her podcast ‘The Art of Asking Everything’. Humour. Armour. Racism. Voice. How our youth really shapes why we want to do what we wanna do, especially when we are drawn to the stage. Amanda and Lenny talk candidly about the paradoxes of celebrity and social media. How he …

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Five star review for BBC Four’s ‘Black Classical Music: The Forgotten History’

Black Classical Music: The Forgotten History, hosted by Lenny and produced by Douglas Road Productions has been given a five star review by The Guardian. From Chevalier De Saint-Georges to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, black classical musicians and composers have been largely written out of the canon. This fascinating one-off asks why. The full review can be read here: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/sep/27/black-classical-music-the-forgotten-history-review-challenging-orchestrated-racism …

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Lenny chats to The Voice

Ahead of the airing of The Lenny Henry Show, his first ever radio sketch show on BBC Radio 4, Lenny talks to The Voice’s Alannah Francis about returning to radio, why he won’t let the Windrush scandal be forgotten and providing opportunities for new black talent.


I hope you like what you see and that you’ll join my newsletter to stay informed of great new content

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