Lenny chats to Amanda Palmer on her podcast ‘The Art of Asking Everything’

Lenny chats to singer Amanda Palmer on her podcast ‘The Art of Asking Everything’. Humour. Armour. Racism. Voice. How our youth really shapes why we want to do what we wanna do, especially when we are drawn to the stage. Amanda and Lenny talk candidly about the paradoxes of celebrity and social media. How he started a career in entertainment in working mens’ clubs, using humour as armour against racism, the history of minstrelsy in the UK, making your work the structure of your life, giving your loved ones fair warning when you publish a memoir, the beautiful meld of words and images in comic books, the power of masks and fiction and why giving advice to younger artists is so important.

Listen to the podcast here: https://amandapalmer.net/podcast/the-art-of-asking-everything-s1e2-lenny-henry-humor-trauma-and-flipping-the-cosmic-spatula/

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