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Lenny publishes new book on Diversity - Access All Areas

Lenny has just published a new book - written with former Chair of the Royal Television society's Diversity Committee Marcus Ryder - Access All Areas: The Diversity Manifesto for TV and Beyond.

Lenny rang up the Office for National Statistics to confirm something he'd been thinking about for a long time, and they told him that only 29.5% of the United Kingdom's population is made up of white, heterosexual, able-bodied men; so, he wonders, why do they still make up the vast majority of people we see in our media?

Joining forces with Marcus, he draws on decades of experience to reveal why recent efforts to diversify media have been thus far ineffective, and why they are simply not enough. With wit, humour and unflinching gravitas they analyse the flaws of current diversity initiatives, point out the structural and financial imbalances working against the cause, and provide clear solutions to get the media industry back on track.

Access All Areas, published by Faber, is an urgent, actionable manifesto that will dramatically shift the debate around diversity and the media.

It's out now, click here to order. 


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