Lenny Henry

TV Work

I started working in television when I was 16 years old. As stated elsewhere, I won a talent competition called New Faces. And then I was catapulted into the world of television via Britain's first ever all-black sitcom, The Fosters, which starred Norman Beaton as well as myself and various others.

This was one of the most watched debuts on British television - the opening episode got 26 million viewers. And then it averaged about 20, 21 million for its 13-week run. For season two, it got between 10 and 15 million, but that's still not to be sniffed at.

And then at the beginning of the 80s I was involved in various things from Tiswas to Three of a Kind to OTT to The Lenny Henry Show. Basically from the 80s onwards, I had a television show on for 10 years on the trot, which is extraordinary.


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