Lenny Henry – Credits


I won a TV programme called ‘New Faces’ in 1975
In 1976 I was in a TV show called the ‘Fosters’
77 too
78 – 81 – ‘Tiswas’
82: ‘Over The Top’ – the people who brought you ‘Tiswas’ – made it all adult and slightly got it wrong…
81 til 83 – ‘Three of a Kind’
84 – right up to 2008 – ‘The Lenny Henry Show’

Also in here somewhere:

‘Coast To Coast’ – written by Stan Hey, directed by Sandy Johnson
‘Alive And Kicking’ – written by Al Hunter Ashton, directed by Robert Young
‘White Goods’ – written by Al Hunter Ashton, directed by Robert Young
‘Goodbye Mr Steadman’ – written by Lennie Barker, directed by Sandy Johnson
‘The Man’ – written by Jon Canter, directed by Betsanne Morris Evans
‘Berry’s Way’ – written by Kim Fuller and Lenny Henry, directed by Metyn Hussain
‘Work Experience’ – Written by and directed by James Hendrie – Oscar Winner
‘Famous Fred’ (Voice Only) – Directed by Joanna Quinn, based on a Posy Simmonds cartoon – Oscar Nominated
‘The Pirates’ – in an adventure with the scientists – (Voice Only)
‘Aardman Posse’ – Directed by Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt (Cough and a spit really)
‘Chef’ – Written by Peter Tilbury, directed by John Birkin (series one and two). Then written by Geoff Deane and Paul Makin, directed by Dewi Humphries (Series 3)
‘Hope and Glory’ – Written by Lucy Gannon, directed by various – 3 Series
‘Lenny Henry In Pieces’ – 2000 – Won Golden Rose of Montreux, directed by Matt Lipsey – Series one directed by Ed Bye, series two directed by Matt Lipsey
‘A Kind of New Lenny Henry Show’ – Which followed a show called
‘So Much Thing to Say’ that featured characters such as Mr Lister, Rachel, the Wolfman, Daniel the Soldier – This series was directed by Michael Cumming
And so was the ‘re-jigged’ series 2… That featured a csi parody and lots of musical bits and pieces
‘The Ones’ – I did a one off show called ‘The One Lenny Henry’ last year – Featured a Cee Lo parody, Twilight, and also The Killing…

I’ve been the subject of a south bank show directed by andy harries and I’ve made two south bank shows myself:
‘african american comedy’ and ‘hunts the funk’

I’ve made documentaries about Richard Pryor, my allergy to Shakespeare, UK soul music

I had a production company called ‘Crucial Films’
We made: 6 funky black shorts, 4 crucial tales , six ‘still here’s’, one ‘now what?’, ‘Chef’s, Lenny Henry Shows
‘Neverwhere’ – written by by Neil Gaiman and directed by Dewi Humphries

I did a clip show based on internet japes called ‘Lennyhenry.com’
(Sort of what rude tube is doing now )

Stage work

Loads of stand up -1975 to 1984
I did loads of summer seasons – Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, Bournmouth, Felixstowe, and repeat …
I did four pantos – Bournemouth, Lewisham, Stockton and Middleton.

1984 to present day…
I started touring with Phil Mcintyre -this was the advent of stand up as a kind of rock concert –
‘Stand Up Get Down’
‘Totally Fierce’
‘Rock The House’
‘Smarty Pants’
‘Larger Than Life’
‘Have You Seen This Man?’
‘So Much Things To Say’
‘Where You From?’
‘Cradle To Rave’
‘Pop Life‘

The Shakespeare documentary led me to appearing in:

Othello – by William Shakespeare ,directed by Barrie Rutter for Northern Broadsides
Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare -directed by Dominic Cooke – for the National Theatre of Great Britain


I really like being on the radio – I’ve dee jayed on Radio One, Capital and Kiss FM.
I’ve done documentaries with Simon Elmes about Shakespeare and also things I didn’t get called ‘What’s So Great About?’
I’ve loved creating and starring in – ‘rudy’s rare records’ – written and co-created by dan tetsell and danny robbins…
I’ve done several radio plays – most written by Anne Caulfield almost always African:
‘Like That’
‘After You’ve Gone’
‘Still The Same Paul’

I’ve written a radio play called ‘Corinne Come Back And Gone’ – produced by Claire Grove
And I’m about to do a second one called ‘Miss You Still’

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