Live work

Lenny Henry new tour dates

I don't do stand-up as much as I used to, but when I do, I throw down like a mo-fo!

I love connecting with the audience. I do quite a lot of corporate gigs. (Me in a hotel. There is a knock on the door at nine o'clock. I walk down. I go through the kitchen. I stand waiting backstage, breathing heavily. My name is announced and quite a lot of people go, 'Oh, it's not Jason Manford.' And then I start, and it's usually all right.)

But I'm also still doing stand-up. I haven't given up comedy. I love touring. I loved doing my book tour recently. And there is a plan, he said mysteriously, for some stand-up shenanigans, coming to a theatre or a club - socially distanced, of course – or maybe a drive-thru near you in the next year, so watch this space.

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