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Hello, lovely website visitor. Welcome to the events page. I was meant to be filming at the moment, but because of COVID-19 I've had a 12-week lockdown with my wife Lisa and my mother-in-law where we have been exploring baking, cooking, and hoovering. I actually now know how to make a bed properly with hospital […]

'Rising To The Surface' is out now!

'Rising To The Surface' is out now! Lenny's second memoir 'Rising To The Surface' is out now! Please see below some of the great interviews he has done recently about the memoir. BBC Radio 4, Loose Ends Lenny was interviewed by Clive Anderson on this weekend's episode of BBC Radio 4, Loose Ends. He was […]

Lenny chats to The Voice

Ahead of the airing of The Lenny Henry Show, his first ever radio sketch show on BBC Radio 4, Lenny talks to The Voice’s Alannah Francis about returning to radio, why he won’t let the Windrush scandal be forgotten and providing opportunities for new black talent.
Lenny Henry

New Thoughts...

August 25, 2020
Hey, we're going to save the world in a minute – and, by the way, young people are going to be involved in that. But I need to promote my stuff first – my new Radio 4 sketch show, my new BBC documentary about the hidden heroes of black classical music, and the second part […]
Lenny Henry by John Swannell


The Lenny Henry Show, 1984 I'd done a sketch show virtually every year for God knows how long. The Lenny Henry Show was my fourth sketch show. I had done The Cheapest Show on the Telly with Don McLean, I had done Six of a Kind which was a pilot, and then Three of a […]
Lenny Hewnry signing copies of his book "Who Am I Again?"

My book

WHO AM I, AGAIN? Hey, I wrote a book - and it's coming out on paperback on 3 June 2021! You can pre-order it here: tinyurl.com/LennyPaperback They call it an autobiography, but it didn't feel like that. What it actually felt like was laughing and crying like a maniac until it was all on the […]
Lenny Henry biography

Lenny Henry biography

Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to be a comedian. I always play acted. I always pretended to be The Man from UNCLE or Batman or Napoleon Solo or The Man in the Suitcase. This play acting led to me doing lots of impressions at school. I did lots of silly characters […]

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